Monday, March 19, 2012

Water is one of the five Elements which is so important in Majik

Wells, ponds, Lakes, springs, streams, and rivers are extremely of  great significance, being seen as gateways to the spiritworld. Places of energy and power: sources of help and assistance and homes of the Goddess. In majik running water is used to cleanse objects prior to use in rituals and we know that natural waters are more majikal than the stuff  we get out of our Taps.
On the domestic side if you have access to a lake, pond or any large body of water, this is the time to  generally make all your majikal tool clean and tidy for a new season of growth. If you haven't done so already  you should think about having the element of water in your sacred space or garden.  Even if you live in a tiny space you can still have a water majik garden: with a table top fountain, or Simply fill an opaque vessel with Stones and Rainwater. Add cuttings of easy to grow plants and a few Seashells and Gemstones.    

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