Friday, February 3, 2012

Rub Me Up and Down sexy time spell

When planning an evening at home with your lover, it can never hurt to add a little witchery to help the proceedings. First step is to make sure the environment is tidy.
While subdued lighting can cover a multitude of problems, it is hard to really relax when there is obvious dirt and mess about.
Next arrange the space with Drapery, flowers, pillows etc, so to make it inviting.
Turn the lights down and have as many candles lit, reserving 2 for your spell.
If you will be eating have a menu of light finger food such as fruits, wine, tea,  honey, cheese, crackers, dips and chips. Serve foods that will need little or no preparation or serving time, so that you are free to actually enjoy the evening and not dashing about all the time.

Next make your majikal preparations: you will need 2 red candles as an offering to yourselves, each anointed with appropriate love oils.
Also an oil burner. Place 2 drops of the following essential oils frankincense, rose, ylang ylang and neroli in plenty of water.
Start your burner off. Mean while prep your bath in which you will spend time together soaking  with aromatic flowers, essential oils, a few pieces of tumbled RoseQuartz stones to raise energy and charge your bath water.
 As you bathe, rub your  lover’s bits up and down until you both reach orgasmic bliss. Visualize washing away all the distractions and concerns of your everyday life, freeing yourself  to focus on the timeless and aroma of your bath. When you are ready to  commerce your evening, rejuvenate your soul by lighting the red spell candles, then massage each others body, with massage oil, scented lotions and other things.  Now relax and enjoy each other feel each others love and desire of being together. Relax in each others arms and treat as a pair made for each other.

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