Tuesday, January 17, 2012

In candle majik, as in all things , it is focus and intent which makes it work

Candle spells are one of the most popular because it is effective. Not only that, but if a non practitioner enters your home they are more than likely to not notice, let alone comment on your majikal workings. I have done a lot of candle majik over the years In fact it's one of my favorite types of spells to cast for many reasons. One, it's simple. Two, the supplies are always easy come by. And three it gives me something to focus my energies into. I like to keep two or three or four Candle Majik Spells going on a constant basis. For me I like to use 7 days candles, allowing it to burn out all at once. I do this for spiritual prosperity, creativity, and a few other things.

There are many ways to activate your candle spell, the easiest way is to use a few drops of majikal oil. The type of oil and candle color you choose should be closely associated with the type of spell you are casting. For example, High John Conqueror oil is used for power over any situations, or cinnamon to attract love, lust , good luck.... you will learn your own recipes by doing this over time. Apply the oil to the appropriate candle by rubbing it, whilst visualizing the effect that you want. Some do this by starting at the middle and then working first upwards and then down. ...it is always best to come up with a pattern that is right for you.

Adding dried herbs will help to empower your majik with the elements of the earth. Once you have anointed the candle with oil and all of your herbs, it is Charged.
Next take a clean piece of parchment paper and write a petition for whatever it is that you are wishing for to come into your life. This may be as long or as short as you like. Be creative you draw images or pictures or write anything that you see fit. But it should be concise and direct, wish for exactly what you want.
When lighting the candle, state your purpose for doing so. Salute whichever God or Goddess ....then focus upon the flame as it takes light and begin to burn. Then when you feel ready take your petition and hold it in the flame. Move it slowly into the fire as far as you can before tossing it into the cauldron or other fireproof container. Watch the flames as it burns. You may want to chant again raising the energies over the flame as it burns.

use the candle for the intended spell. Do not the same one on a later spell this may result in some confused majik. Never leave an open flame unattended!!!...   Do not blow out, snuff it out if you must... re-light as soon as possible OR whenever you feel the need to re-cast the spell.


  1. Very informative.I can't wait to stock up on my supply of candles.

    1. One of the best places to lay in a hearty supply of candles of all shapes, sizes, colors and scents is your local Dollar Store. I like the ones in small mason jars, because you can reuse the holders for making new candles to pour liquers, cordials and spirit shots.