Thursday, January 26, 2012

How to i work the Dream amp? It's a common question that I get asked all the time.

My dream amps are an entity on it's own, like any ritual tool or majikal object.
Feeding them is pretty much instinctual and a continual process. You'll need to do it a lot at first and then regularly as needed.
You will need some florida water, a good majikal oil or some liquor. These are for pouring libations to the spirits, ancestors, deities whom you work with.
 I highly recommend that you add your own blessed waters such as urine, saliva,  moon blood (menes), and or semen. By doing this you are adding the most personal and powerful ingredient that is you.

 Herbal incense and resins should be used as well, not stick or cone incense which contains synthetics, dye, and chemicals. You can choose from pure resins such as frankincense, myrrh, copal, benzoin, dragon's blood,or sandalwood.
These will need to be burned on a charcoal. Do not set the resins themselves on fire! It is a complete waste to do this.

The element of fire releases and cleanses its energy,  you can do so by passing the dream amp over candle a flame, or just leave the candle as an offering on your altar, and for srying into the flame for visions of the pass present and future. 
Prepare your incense by lighting the coal about 5-10 minutes prior to the ritual to make sure it is nice and hot. Place a bit of your incense on it, then pass your dream amp through the smoke.  
When ready  breathe on it 3 times to breathe your life force on to it and activate the ashe' of the dream amp.
Now, rub a bit of the appropriate majikal oil for your ritual between your palms then rub dream amp with your oiled hands whilst chanting your intent. Some traditions ring a bell, blow whistles to raise this energy and get the attention of the spirits. Give it a little a sprinkle of Florida Water and Blessed waters.
 Lastly, place your dream amp on your altar to charge. Do this with the oil and smoke every day for a week. Then on the appropriate day that corresponds to the intent of the dream amp every week. Then once a month from there on out.

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